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SKU: 10250101835 MPN: MS41-21ST0T


Mechanical Limit Switch, Technopolymer, NEMA 4/4X, Mechanical Type, CSA/UL Approvals with Mounting Bracket

The Max-Air Technology MS41-2 Limit Switch Box represents a new dimension in position indication for rotary actuators. Manufactured completely in technopolymer with stainless steel fasteners and Nema 4/4X rating, these products are corrosion resistant and suitable for the most corrosive environments.

Max-Air Technology
  • The operating position of the switches can be easily changed by manually adjusting the high-resolution spline cams. The cams are spring backed and will not be affected by normal vibration.
  • Compact construction minimizes valve package envelope size.
  • Despite their compact design, Max-Air limit switch boxes are easy to wire up with plenty of room to bring wires into the enclosure. As standard, each unit has two 1/2” NPT conduit entries, and a terminal strip which is angled to allow for ease in attaching external wires.
  • The high-visibility indicator offers clear location of the current valve position.
  • Offered with two mechanical micro switches or different types of proximity sensors.
  • A technopolymer mounting bracket is supplied as standard and fits NAMUR top-mounting hold spacing 80mm x 30mm. This bracket allows the use of standard NAMUR stem height of 30mm, and 20mm with a coupling included in the standard kit.
RatingGeneral Purpose
Switch TypeMechanical
Housing MaterialTechnopolymer
Product TypeLimit Switch Boxes