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SKU: 10410002454 MPN: 370-SL-7-FFF-L-015


The Flo-Tite 370 model is a Multi-Choice Sanitary Ball Valve with extended tube ends.

  • High finish in both its standard surface of Ra 25-30 min. Optional finer Ra and Electropolish finish available thru 8-12 Ra.
  • True Bore Port Design- Eliminates pooling traces of media and improves flow characteristics for greater efficiency.
  • Full body cavity fillers available to reduce the possibility of contamination by entrapment of process fluids in the void normally found behind the ball and valve body in conventionally designed ball valves.
  • Clean-In-Place Valves
  • All valve ends incorporate a special boss for welding purge port connections.
  • Includes safety lock handle that prevents accidental movement of valve handles.
Special FeaturesSanitary
Seat MaterialTFM
End ConnectionTube
Body/End MaterialStainless Steel
Product TypeBall Valves