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SKU: 10410002165 MPN: F300-CS-FFG-L-015


The Flo-Tite F300-CS is the ideal design for process and petrochemical applications. With design features like a protected seat and floating ball to provide self-adjustment to wear, Flo-Tite provides customer confidence and product durability in automated and high frequency operations.

Flanged valve top works design is completely separate from the valve packing gland preventing absorption of force from the quarter turn stop impact and misapplied maintenance and greatly reduced stem packing adjustments.

The valve top flange is designed to facilitate ease of automation by including ISO 5211 bolting patterns.

The valve top flange can be adapted with a secondary containment bonnet for critical requirements, fugitive emissions or cryogenic applications.

The floating ball design offers a positive leak proof seal and is pressure activated provodong leak proof performance.

Flow capacity of the full port series is the same as similar sized piece of pipe, as a result it suffers no appreciable pressure drop or head loss across the valve as may be the case with other valve types - a constriciton free flow path.

Graphite stem packing meets the highest fire standards under extreme conditions.

Optional design features include a Cryogenic Extension, Control Valve, and Fusiblke Link.

  • Full Port: 1/2” - 12”
  • Carbon Design
  • Standard Steam Working Pressure: 150 SWP, optional 300 psig
  • Floating Ball Design
  • Protected Seat Design
  • O-Ring Backed Seat
  • Fire Safe Designed to API 607-5
  • Spiral Wound Body Gasket with Secondary Metal to Metal Seal
  • Open and Close Locking Device for Position Safety Lockout
  • O-Ring Reinforced Stem Packing
  • I-SO-Mount Type, Actuator Mounting Pad Standard
  • Super-Tek Seating
  • Live Loaded Stem Design
  • Anti-Static Grounding Device
  • Flatted Shaft - Positive Flow Direction
  • Ball Cavity Relief
ANSI Class300
PortFull Port
Seat MaterialTFM
End ConnectionFlanged
Body/End MaterialCarbon Steel
Product TypeBall Valves