F150-SS-FFG-L -
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SKU: 10410002577 MPN: F150-SS-FFG-L-015


Sizes 1/2” - 12”

Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valve

ANSI 150 Flanged Ends

Teflon Seats and Stem Seals

Graphite Body Seals

Locking Lever Handle

Standard Steam Working Pressure: 150 SWP

  • Flo-Tite Flanged End Floating Ball Valves feature an ideal design for Process and Petrochemical Applications.
  • Flanged valve topworks design is completely separate from the valve packing gland, preventing absorption of force from the quarter-turn stop impact and misapplied maintenance. Feature also greatly reduces stem packing adjustments.
  • Floating ball design offers a positive leak proof seal and is pressure activated, providing leak-proof performance.
  • Flow capacity of the Full Port series is the same as a similar-sized piece of pipe, therefore suffering no appreciable pressure drop or head loss across the valve, as may be the case with other valve types.
  • Graphite stem packing meets the highest fire standards under extreme conditions.
  • Optional design features include a Cryogenic Extension, Control Valve, and Fusible Link.
ANSI Class150
PortFull Port
Seat MaterialTFM
End ConnectionFlanged
Body/End MaterialStainless Steel
Product TypeBall Valves